Monday, April 6, 2009

Toni Braxton and I do not sound similar

Registration for my last semester of classes as a college student went like this:

One class I need to graduate: CHECK




Intro to voice? SURE!
Intro to piano? SURE!
Comedy in film? SURE!

Thus my biggest worry after last weekend's antics was what song I was going to sing for my voice class. The class should actually be called "how to sing along to the radio." Each week we are forced to pick a song to sing in front of the class...not like - find the karaoke version... literally sing right along with the voice if you are ever in a car with me I will knock your socks off with my incredible radio-sing-along-skills.

I stuck with some fairly simple songs at first - Taylor Swift and Norah Jones...but the Voice Nazi caught on to my ploy and told me I had to sing a song from Dreamgirls...I'm sorry - do you know who sings on that soundtrack - the likes of one, Beyonce Knowles and two, Jennifer Hudson....umm....nope.

SO - after two weeks of "a really bad cold" and "sorry this sounds like shit - I lost my voice" she finally told me I could do a new song....

I breathed a sigh of relief until she uttered the following: "Next week I want you to sing.........UN-BREAK MY HEART...." - by non other than Toni Braxton.

A. My roommate thought Toni Braxton was a man when when she first heard the song because of the intense lower register achieved by Toni.
B. I am not black - thus singing songs by black artists normally doesn't go well for me.
C. I have completely run out of solid excuses for why my voice does not sound good when singing power ballads.

I know you are all dying to know how it went today...

She asked me to work on the "lower register" (aka - tap into that lower man voice I thought no one without testicles could possess) and sing it next week. Looks like it's going to be a long and tough week in terms of homework.

Excuse me - Toni and I have a date.

~Best Friend

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