Monday, April 6, 2009

best friend slash dough sleepovers = best idea ever.

sleepovers are supposed to be amazing, right? but when you're 22, sleepovers are supposed to be kind of calm and chill. you drink a glass of wine, watch some tv, then go to bed. sounds about right.

not so for best friend and dough.

we spend the first 3 hours of our night establishing "i never remember nights anymore," all the while watching the tlc marathon of "i didn't know i was pregnant." you would not believe how many women have pooped a child out into a toilet. ridic.

we then decide it's time for bed, but proceed to giggle and chit-chat for about, oh, i don't know, 4 fuckin hours about life, my family, nick pitera, disney, and twat faces.

here's some quotes of the night:

1. you can't just be bush woman down there.-best friend.
2. (whining) i don't know. itchy. just so itchy.-best friend.
3. best friend: you have a huge walk-in closet. with a mattress. utilize it.
dough: (whispers) i'm not about to have sex for the first time in my closet where my cat's litterbox is.
4. best friend: clearly she was wasted.
dough: she's 13!
best friend: oh.
5. you have like 90 people in your family. and you act like they're all your best friend. i'm sorry i can't keep track of all of your family, and that's just your dad's side.-best friend.
6. best friend: can't i just not eat?
(pregnant pause)
dough: i mean, honestly,you can just take the easy route of bulimia or anorexia, but...

and there you have it. all nuggets of wisdom. live by them

peace. dough.

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