Thursday, April 9, 2009


warning: this post may be too diaryish for boys.

so the other day i tried to submit a FML story to it wouldn't let me. there were too many FML's being submitted. i was rejected by FML. and now, i don't even remember what it was about. FML.

this has been an interesting week. multiple ups and downs. all of which i have no control over. clearly, the ups have been awesome, and the downs have been mind-blowingly down.

ups of the week:
1. i've officially lost 20lbs. holler baller. i make it rain on them hos. i'm not sure what that means, and it might be something completely inappropriate but i said it. get over it.
2. found out that the internship is trying to figure out a way they can hire me! finally, a job.
3. got completely wasted at sunset with all of my favorites.
4. went to domino's at 3am with the roomies and made a pizza. i'm for sure getting fired soon so if you want anymore free slash cheap pizzas, now would be the time to abuse that privilege.
5. nina and i are talking again. i think. it feels that way. i guess we'll see.
6. i made a good (but at the same time, bad) decision at domino's. once again, i think. this may also go on the downs of the week.
7. i decided who i'm asking to theta formal.

and now,

downs of the fucking week:
1. overslept and missed class monday afternoon. yes, ladies and gentlemen, AFTERNOON.
2. got completely wasted at sunset, and had some convos with some people i probably shouldn't have had. i think best friend did the same thing, though, so that makes it better.
3. went to domino's at 3am and made pizza with the roomies. once again, may be getting fired.
4. overslept wednesday morning, and woke up to 12 missed calls, 7 texts, and 3 voicemails, all people from my class wondering where the fuck i was, because i was supposed to go to some trial in downtown la.
5. i made a bad (but at the same time, good) decision at domino's. i enjoyed it, but i'm beginning to regret it, i think. i don't know. maybe. damnit.
6. i spent the last 2 hours internetting it, rather than doing homework. but don't tell theta, i'm on academic probation.
7. i found out some interesting news that i would rather have not found out about. and there's nothing i can do about the info i know because i'm technically not supposed to know about it.
8. AND THE BIGGEST DOWN OF THE WEEK? i had 4 PFD's. on tuesday, it was knocked down to 2, when i was rejected not once, but twice. one of those PFD's? my besty, stephen. and i was rejected for sports reasons. yeah, sports reasons. both of them rejected me for sports reasons. i hate sports.

so there it is, party peoples. fml, right?

rollercoaster of emotions.



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