Tuesday, July 14, 2009

wow, it's been too long.

title says it all. it has most definitely been too long since best friend or dough have written anything on this blog. i'm bringing it back. it's time.

i'm beginning to realize that life has actually started. and while i thought we would all be together forever, i now know this isn't true. the people who mean the most to me are most likely not coming back. and in no way do i blame them, or hate them for it. it's their lives, so they should live them according to how they see it. but i'm still going to be a brat, and complain about how they have left and are not coming back.

this is really directed only at one person. they know who they are. and they know i love them and will miss them. but they also know that i will continue to hassle, call, text, email, and all of the above, all of the time, because, whether they like it or not, they are staying in my life.

moving on. things have been weird in my life. that's all i really can say right now. for some reason, this whole blog thing is a lot harder than it would seem. and i'm usually a very open person. it's ok. i'll come into it. soon.

so, for those of you who i don't see or talk to that often, here's a rundown of what's going on in my life. at least, here's a pg rundown.
1. still working at dramino's.
2. dramino's is still full of domiHO's, domiBRO's, and domiWHORES.
3. currently subletting matty's room at flordia. yes, i am sleeping on a box spring with a mattress pad. it is what it is.
4. i've been making some poor decisions. while this scares me, i think i have it under control. almost positive. i fully blame this problem on best friend and matty for not being here. therefore, all guilt i should have is solely on their shoulders. love you guys!
5. i'm still looking for a job in casting. there is hope, though.

anywho, i'm done rambling. i figured it was time for us to get back into this.

so, i'm calling best friend out. it's her turn to write a post about her life.

peace. dough.