i never remember nights anymore.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

@ Facebook and Twitter.

Dear Facebook and Twitter,

You are not each other. You are two entirely separate entities and therefore should come up with your own original ideas.


I mean, what the hell? Twitter is the ultimate rip off in my opinion. All they did was say, "Hey. We like how on Facebook you can post status updates, but all that other stuff sucks. Let's make our own website where you only publish status updates. And let's call it Twitter."

I refuse to use Twitter. I tried it for about it a week to see what the fuss was about, but I just didn't get it. You literally have to be on Twitter all the time to see what your friends or celebrities are tweeting about (@THE_REAL_SHAQ). What if someone tweeted something at you in the morning, but you didn't check your Twitter until the afternoon? And what if it was super important? Although, with that logic, it would make more sense that they would just call you if it was so important.

Also, how special do you really think you are that you think your friends want to know every single thing that is going on in your life? I don't need to know that Bobby decided today to go get a Hawaiian shaved ice in Venice. I honestly don't care. Now, if Bobby was bringing me one as well, then it would be a completely different story. But seriously, we are not interesting enough people to think that other people want to know our strong opinions or what it is we are doing every day. Tweets are not going to change other people's opinions.

Now, some of you may think this post is a tad hypocritical. Obviously, I am blogging and therefore think that my opinion is important enough to publish to the interwebs (@RatherRed). And you might say that Twitter is just a form of blogging, and I believe it is called microblogging. Whatever. It is what it is (@DomiHO).

I don't think my opinion is any more important or correct that anyone else's. I just haven't posted on here in awhile and thought it was about time since Best Friend has been doing it (@BestFriend) and this little rant about Twitter was the first thing that popped in my head.

I'm living in Seal Beach now. By myself. And I'm perpetually bored. So if you have nothing to do, call or text me and come hang out at the beach house (@Everyone).


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Clarity, Cohones, and Continuity


Why is it that conversations about the status of a relationship are always the hardest to have. I'm not just talking about boy girl relationships...I'll get there - just hold your pretty little horses. But even just friendships.

Take Dough and I. We talk on an extremely regular basis...but as I stated in my last post - Dough has recently decided to make a move to Arizona. Why is it that for two days after she made the announcement I didn't want to talk about it? When we did talk it was in anger and not about anything rational or related to what REALLY needed to be discussed. I finally reached out on Facebook of all places. We had our "DTR" this morning (Define the relationship for those of you who aren't with it yet). For two days I was in agony and one 15 minute conversation could have put me out of my misery. All Dough had to say was "we'll be together forever - Arizona is just temporary"...ah. All is right in the best friendough "marriage" again. I know some of you were worried there for a hot minute.


I don't typically discuss my relationships with the opposite sex because to be frank...there usually isn't much to discuss and you would all go crosseyed with boredom. But I would currently like to know what the hell happened to men having cohones, balls, testicles, nuts...COURAGE. I realize this is the 21st century and I'm for women power as much as the next Rosie Odonell (well maybe not QUITE as much as her)...but I still respect a man who has the balls to discuss status.

A friend recently told me; "You have to have the talk. If you don't bring it up, he never will so it's up to you." Well fuck. I consider myself to be 22 - in most areas of my life. When it comes to relationships I am 12....maybe 13. I do not know how to handle these types of conversations and thinking about them makes me physically ill. So this should go really well.

This brings me to my next point.


If I'm going to work up the umph to pull the girl card and bring up "status", I'm not going to do it like some blindfolded kid trying to pin the tail on the donkey. I'm directionally challenged and I would invariably pin the tail in a socially unacceptable place. I need direction - hints - clues. My point being: I'm not going to start a DTR without having some idea about what the outcome of that talk is going to be. Thus my need for continuity in terms of actions. If one minute we are acting like two peas in a pod and the next it's back to seventh grade ass out hugs, how the hell am I supposed to know what he's thinking?

Let me just inject here that I would actually not care to have this talk at all. I would much prefer to let things progress naturally and without awkward relationship defining moments. Actions do speak louder than words. The problem here is that the actions are saying we are moving in one direction half the time and a completely opposite direction other times. Give me a C. Give me an O. Give me an N. Give me a T...etc.

Are we friends? Friends with benefits? Dating? Dating but we can see other people? Would he be pissed if I were seeing someone else? Would I be pissed if he were seeing someone else? Is he or I allowed to get pissed about that?

So. Someone needs to show me a little CONTINUITY so that I can get some COHONES and have a DTR thus bringing CLARITY into my life.

We'll see how this turns out.

~Best Friend

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


It's been awhile so here are some highlights:

In an attempt to pay rent I moved home to Kenmore Washington to resume working for a golf course. While I love this job...there was normally a deadline when I got to leave and head back down to sunny paradise...not anymore. For some odd reason, I'm getting tired of forcing the smile on my face to stay put while cutting my 44th wedding cake of the summer...or even odder still, when I drop champagne flutes all over the dance floor in the middle of cocktail hour and someone yells "oompa".

My mother woke me up at 4am the other morning. She claims she couldn't sleep because she was worried about me and my lack of a "real" job...so if SHE can't sleep...why should I? And I would like to know the definition of a "real" job anyways. What does that mean - 40 hrs a week? Benefits? Reputable company? I would like it to mean a job that I love. That's it. Somehow I don't think my mom or the Pepperdine Degree that mocks me and my "real-jobless" self from it's framed space in the family living room will see it that way.

The plan was to work at home for a few months and then move back to California and live with Dough...but recently plans have changed and Dough may be headed to Arizona. Now...some of you may be thinking, "no worries, just work at home for a few more months." Well some of you may have never had to return home after college... whether or not you have, please scroll up to the part about being woken up at 4am and understand my hesitation to remain in my parents house for any longer than truly necessary.

After a small but warranted "freak-out" about having to postpone my move back to Cali...a friend called me "codependent": meaning it seemed I was relying on a lot of other people and their decisions to make me happy. Interesting. Having always considered myself an extremely independent person when it comes to my own happiness, this observation has put me into a little bit of a tale-spin.

I've always prided myself on not needing anyone else to make me happy...adapting to the situation and making the best of it. Don't get me wrong, friends and family are what make my world go round, but I was always pretty secure in the knowledge that my decisions were mine and not because of someone else. While I think that is still true...I may have been relying on Dough to make moving to California an easy adventure, and sometimes the best adventures are the hardest ones.

I'm not sure what that means because I was thinking moving to California jobless was going to be challenge enough. Maybe it means figuring out how to make the best of the situation in Washington for a few extra months. Maybe it means moving south despite Dough's absence. What the heck, maybe it means moving out of the country. Who knows? Thus my search for some clarity.

Life after college is supposed to be hard as hell and it is proving itself nicely. I'm certainly counting my blessings that I have a supportive family, a job ("real" or not), and a lot of laughs up my sleeve for the tough times; but emotionally speaking - it's soul searching time.

And in the meantime,
Things I am doing at the public library whilst trying to force myself to apply for jobs:
1. Making a to-do list of OTHER times I can apply for jobs
2. Researching new computers (My current pick would be a 15-in Mac Book Pro)
3. Roaming the aisles looking for something to read
4. Impulsively checking my inbox (phone and email) to see if someone has graciously offered me a job...no dice yet.
5. Writing this lovely blog which you are probably reading in an attempt to avoid doing something just like me.

More later.

~Best Friend

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

wow, it's been too long.

title says it all. it has most definitely been too long since best friend or dough have written anything on this blog. i'm bringing it back. it's time.

i'm beginning to realize that life has actually started. and while i thought we would all be together forever, i now know this isn't true. the people who mean the most to me are most likely not coming back. and in no way do i blame them, or hate them for it. it's their lives, so they should live them according to how they see it. but i'm still going to be a brat, and complain about how they have left and are not coming back.

this is really directed only at one person. they know who they are. and they know i love them and will miss them. but they also know that i will continue to hassle, call, text, email, and all of the above, all of the time, because, whether they like it or not, they are staying in my life.

moving on. things have been weird in my life. that's all i really can say right now. for some reason, this whole blog thing is a lot harder than it would seem. and i'm usually a very open person. it's ok. i'll come into it. soon.

so, for those of you who i don't see or talk to that often, here's a rundown of what's going on in my life. at least, here's a pg rundown.
1. still working at dramino's.
2. dramino's is still full of domiHO's, domiBRO's, and domiWHORES.
3. currently subletting matty's room at flordia. yes, i am sleeping on a box spring with a mattress pad. it is what it is.
4. i've been making some poor decisions. while this scares me, i think i have it under control. almost positive. i fully blame this problem on best friend and matty for not being here. therefore, all guilt i should have is solely on their shoulders. love you guys!
5. i'm still looking for a job in casting. there is hope, though.

anywho, i'm done rambling. i figured it was time for us to get back into this.

so, i'm calling best friend out. it's her turn to write a post about her life.

peace. dough.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


warning: this post may be too diaryish for boys.

so the other day i tried to submit a FML story to fmylife.com. it wouldn't let me. there were too many FML's being submitted. i was rejected by FML. and now, i don't even remember what it was about. FML.

this has been an interesting week. multiple ups and downs. all of which i have no control over. clearly, the ups have been awesome, and the downs have been mind-blowingly down.

ups of the week:
1. i've officially lost 20lbs. holler baller. i make it rain on them hos. i'm not sure what that means, and it might be something completely inappropriate but i said it. get over it.
2. found out that the internship is trying to figure out a way they can hire me! finally, a job.
3. got completely wasted at sunset with all of my favorites.
4. went to domino's at 3am with the roomies and made a pizza. i'm for sure getting fired soon so if you want anymore free slash cheap pizzas, now would be the time to abuse that privilege.
5. nina and i are talking again. i think. it feels that way. i guess we'll see.
6. i made a good (but at the same time, bad) decision at domino's. once again, i think. this may also go on the downs of the week.
7. i decided who i'm asking to theta formal.

and now,

downs of the fucking week:
1. overslept and missed class monday afternoon. yes, ladies and gentlemen, AFTERNOON.
2. got completely wasted at sunset, and had some convos with some people i probably shouldn't have had. i think best friend did the same thing, though, so that makes it better.
3. went to domino's at 3am and made pizza with the roomies. once again, may be getting fired.
4. overslept wednesday morning, and woke up to 12 missed calls, 7 texts, and 3 voicemails, all people from my class wondering where the fuck i was, because i was supposed to go to some trial in downtown la.
5. i made a bad (but at the same time, good) decision at domino's. i enjoyed it, but i'm beginning to regret it, i think. i don't know. maybe. damnit.
6. i spent the last 2 hours internetting it, rather than doing homework. but don't tell theta, i'm on academic probation.
7. i found out some interesting news that i would rather have not found out about. and there's nothing i can do about the info i know because i'm technically not supposed to know about it.
8. AND THE BIGGEST DOWN OF THE WEEK? i had 4 PFD's. on tuesday, it was knocked down to 2, when i was rejected not once, but twice. one of those PFD's? my besty, stephen. and i was rejected for sports reasons. yeah, sports reasons. both of them rejected me for sports reasons. i hate sports.

so there it is, party peoples. fml, right?

rollercoaster of emotions.



Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Skinny DIP

Last night started off innocently enough...a little Taco Tuesday...a nice beer...then my friend asks a question to which there is only one answer:

Court: "Do you want to go get a six pack and drink it in Ralph's parking lot"
Me: "YES"

And let the games begin.

Parking lot adventure is followed by some more pre-gaming at my house...and then off to the Sunset to get bamboozled. Apparently the entire senior class at Pep had the same idea.

Let me fast forward to the next morning...it was one of those mornings when you wake up, say"Do I remember everything?...Why yes I do..." and then for the rest of the day people remind you of the things you did that you in fact do NOT remember.

These are the things I do remember:
1. Drinking twp 32 oz. beers, gin with margarita mix - surprisingly really good, 2 Gin and tonics and a shot of Patron
2. Dancing A LOT
3. Sitting on a lifeguard tower (for an unremembered amount of time) with Clifford
4. Somehow being talked into skinny dipping in the freezing ocean
5. Having a spot light directed at me whilst in the nude

These are the things I do not remember doing:
1. Dancing with Derek...inappropriately
2. Screaming at Mike....then Matt...then Cliff...also inappropriate
3. Crying about missing Easter with the fam
4. Walking home barefoot
5. Losing my keys


~Best Friend

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

successful day? maybe.

i'm going to go out on a limb here and say that i had a very successful day.

i woke up in best friend's bed to her singing toni braxton at the top of her lungs. it was beautiful. brought tears to my eyes. then, i realized i would have to listen to her singing it for the next 20 minutes as we drove to school.

my stephen is amazing and is going to treat me to a pedicure because he loves me, but mostly because i get him free pizza at domino's.

then, i took a nap all day which was fantastic. uhhmazing. i highly recommend it.

went to work, where i handled what could have been a very awkward situation. but because i'm too legit to quit, the situation was anything but awkward.

next, i had forgotten that raul, heidi, and michelle (all domiHO's) were going to come and visit me and cliff. not only were they coming to visit, but they were also bringing me dinner. not only were they bringing me dinner, it was 3 different kinds of sushi from suki7. it was orgasmic. yeah, i went there.

next, my domino's groupies called and talked to me for a half hour on the phone. entertaining, to say the least. and btw, they are ready and willing to escort any theta to formal, so if anyone is still looking, let me know. i know about 6 guys that would lurve to go.

received an email from the internship boss. i was under the impression that there was no way they could hire me once i graduate from college. HOWEVER, the awesome kim emails me and says they are trying to figure out a way they could keep me in their office. as in, give me a job!! best news ever!

for the rest of the night at domino's, i spent it on aim talking to those amazing lovers of mine: kate, aline, and keyla. there's your shoutout, kate. no more choosing malibu yo over me. let's put those days behind us.

and now, i'm writing a post on best friend and dough's blog, instead of doing the homework that i planned on doing when i joined the homework party occurring at flordia con cliff and alex.

on to homework.

peace. dough.