Tuesday, April 7, 2009

successful day? maybe.

i'm going to go out on a limb here and say that i had a very successful day.

i woke up in best friend's bed to her singing toni braxton at the top of her lungs. it was beautiful. brought tears to my eyes. then, i realized i would have to listen to her singing it for the next 20 minutes as we drove to school.

my stephen is amazing and is going to treat me to a pedicure because he loves me, but mostly because i get him free pizza at domino's.

then, i took a nap all day which was fantastic. uhhmazing. i highly recommend it.

went to work, where i handled what could have been a very awkward situation. but because i'm too legit to quit, the situation was anything but awkward.

next, i had forgotten that raul, heidi, and michelle (all domiHO's) were going to come and visit me and cliff. not only were they coming to visit, but they were also bringing me dinner. not only were they bringing me dinner, it was 3 different kinds of sushi from suki7. it was orgasmic. yeah, i went there.

next, my domino's groupies called and talked to me for a half hour on the phone. entertaining, to say the least. and btw, they are ready and willing to escort any theta to formal, so if anyone is still looking, let me know. i know about 6 guys that would lurve to go.

received an email from the internship boss. i was under the impression that there was no way they could hire me once i graduate from college. HOWEVER, the awesome kim emails me and says they are trying to figure out a way they could keep me in their office. as in, give me a job!! best news ever!

for the rest of the night at domino's, i spent it on aim talking to those amazing lovers of mine: kate, aline, and keyla. there's your shoutout, kate. no more choosing malibu yo over me. let's put those days behind us.

and now, i'm writing a post on best friend and dough's blog, instead of doing the homework that i planned on doing when i joined the homework party occurring at flordia con cliff and alex.

on to homework.

peace. dough.

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